SERENO VARIABILE special episode featuring SPOLETO

A special episode of “Sereno Variabile” will be aired at 17.10 on Saturday 16 January. The famous travel-oriented tv show presented by Osvaldo Bevilacqua will dedicate an entire special episode to the city of the festival, in which its monuments and historical-artistic features will be highlighted, as well as its nature and food.

The Rocca Albornoziana, the Ponte delle Torri, the Duomo, Monteluco, the Basilica of San Salvatore (UNESCO WHL), but also the museums, the Spoleto – Norcia route, the alternative mobility will be at the centre of the tv show, which gained the title of longest-running travel-oriented tv show in the world.

Bevilacqua will be flanked by a “Jury” composed by an expat living in Spoleto, a student at the Spoleto Tourism and Hotel Management School and a local journalist who, at the end of their travel, will express their friendly evaluation of the excellence of Spoleto.

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