The Space of Light: Lightquake 2017 conference

On the occasion of the Lightquake 2017 exhibition, taking place at Spoleto’s Rocca Albornoz, the conference Lo Spazio della Luce (The Space of Light) is scheduled for Friday February 9th. A meeting to discuss how light shapes the urban space, enhancing the architectural value of buildings thus becoming a free sign in the work of art. The meeting will take place at 3 p. m. at Rocca Albornoz.

Nearly one hundred years after the publication of the book Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier, where the great Swiss architect speaks of the duality of light as essential for the livability of space and for the plasticity of the building’s architectural form, in recent years we have come to give the same qualitative importance to what artificial light expresses. Le Corbusier wrote that “Architecture is the skillful, appropriate and magnificent game of volumes under light“. Throughout this century, we have been watching the temporal extension of daily visual quality. Darkness has become the blackboard on which to draw new visual forms and revolutionize the concept of lighting through technology.

Paola Mercurelli Salari – Director of Rocca Albornoz – National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto, Camilla Laureti – Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Spoleto, Gianluca Bellucci – President of Sistema Museo, Maria Luisa Guerrini – President of the Architects’ Professional Association of Perugia and Stefano Mancini – President of the Engineers’ Professional Association of Perugia, will open the conference. The meeting will be chaired by architect Fabio Fabiani (OFARCH Officina d’Architettura).

Following interventions: scenographer Sebastiano Romano with “Light Scenographies in the urban space”, lighting designer Filippo Cannata di Cannata & Partners with “The rooms of light”, professor and engineer Marco Frascarolo of the University of Rome Tre with “Light up the city and its monuments” and professor Gisella Gellini of the Politecnico di Milano Scuola del Design with “LIGHT ART art-design-technology”.

The conference will end with a guided tour of the exhibition Lightquake 2017 “Black Light Art – Lighting Coloring the Dark”, with the co-curator Dr. Claudia Bottini and Sistema Museo.

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