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From today, in the week in which the 63rd edition of the Spoleto Festival begins, a new section is inaugurated – which overlaps and merges with the other section ‘Long Ago in Spoleto’ – entirely dedicated to the yearbooks of the event founded by Menotti, a series of publications, of exquisite editorial workmanship, full of interesting content and valuable photographic material, a fascinating journey through the history of one of the most influential artistic events in the world.
Each yearbook is a small book, with its own splendidly illustrated cover, detailed programmes of all performances, portraits and profiles of the protagonists, critical essays by prestigious names, reproductions of sketches and artistic projects, stage photos and shots of the stars posing, and spaces dedicated to the advertisements and commercials of the period.

1958 Yearbook


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From 1959 onwards, the yearbooks grow, also becoming a splendid narrative and photographic account of the previous edition.
Each appointment with the column will present a selection of 5 yearbooks in chronological order, choosing some of the most evocative pages and always presenting, for each year, the illustrated cover and the programme of that edition. If the yearbooks are not available, programmes or art sheets will be proposed for that edition.
This first issue will take us back to the period from 1958 to 1962, the dawning years of Menotti’s Festival, immortalised in images with his collaborators and artists such as Thomas Schippers, Anna Venturini, Nora Kaye and Carla Fracci. You can admire sketches by Franco Zeffirelli and Lila De Nobili, or read an artistic profile of the city by Alberto Moravia.
The materials presented here are those kept in the Carducci City Library. The yearbooks of the Festival of Two Worlds, and much more, can be consulted at the Documentation Centre at Casa Menotti, set up in collaboration with the City of Spoleto, the Festival of Two Worlds Foundation and the Monini Foundation, for the conservation, protection and enhancement of the memory of the Festival.

1959 Yearbook


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1960 Yearbook


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1961 Yearbook


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1962 Yearbook


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