Canto libero – A Tribute to Lucio Battisti and Mogol

Saturday, November 16, at the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti, at 9.00 pm, “Canto Libero – Tribute to the songs of Battisti and Mogol”, a tribute to the golden age of the historic couple Mogol – Battisti.

Lead singer Fabio “Red” Rosso, pianist Giovanni Vianelli (also musical director), guitarists Emanuele “Graffo” Grafitti and Luigi Di Campo, bassist Alessandro Sala, drummer Jimmy Bolco, percussionist Marco Vattovani, keyboardist Luca Piccolo, singers Joy Jenkins and Michela Grilli, will interpret the duo’s main successes, including “La canzone del sole”, “Una donna per amico”,“Ancora tu”, “E penso a te” and others, supported by Francesco Termini on videos and sound engineer Ricky Carioti.

Canto Libero was born from an idea by Fabio “Red” Rosso. The show pays tribute to Battisti and Mogol, but goes far beyond the simple performance of songs from the repertoire of the two: Canto Libero, in fact, re-reads the originals with personality and musical sensitivity while bringing out all of Battisti’s blues and rock spirit. 

After filling squares and theatres around Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, the band’s first major recognition arrives at the end of 2015 with a sold-out at the Teatro Rossetti in Triest, with Mogol’s extraordinary participation who gives the official blessing to Canto Libero. The experience is repeated in April 2017, when Mogol returns on stage with the band in Udine, and in August 2017 in Grado, reconfirming a relationship of esteem and collaboration that would be repeated again in the future. In the summer of 2017, the band’s album was also released, consisting of tracks recorded live at the Urban Recording Studio – Casa della Musica in Triest.

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