‘Fabrizio Plessi: Digital Life’ at Palazzo Collicola

Art meetings at Palazzo Collicola
Fabrizio Plessi: Digital Life

Friday 6 December 2019 – 5.30 p.m.
Noble Apartment – Hall of Honour
Palazzo Collicola – Spoleto

Fabrizio Plessi is considered one of the pioneers of video art in Italy and certainly the first to have used the television monitor as a real material since the seventies, screening an unstoppable digital flow of water and fire.
His numerous participations in art exhibitions or in international film and dance festivals have always placed him as an artist with innovative and anticipatory experimentations. Sound performances, architecture, television and theatre sets have been the background on which he has grafted his videosculptures, using technology as a natural element, a material to live with rather than fight. Despite this, drawing still remains one of its fundamental creative and design stimuli today.

On Friday 6 December, at Palazzo Collicola, Fabrizio Plessi will be telling the story of his human and artistic experience, his vision of art and the future of art, the relationship between memory and innovation, past and present, starting from the assumption that technology must be a means and not an end, while showing images and films that illustrate his spectacular and intense research.
After the meeting of last September with Michelangelo Pistoletto, the one with Plessi gives continuity to a series of dialogues on contemporary art that does not deny the ancient one, but rather shows it in a new light, just as in Palazzo Collicola the Gallery of Modern Art and the historical apartment and its picture gallery run parallel to each other.

The meeting is also part of the program of Half an hour after the closing.

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