“Il Grande Silenzio” at the Teatro Nuovo | Tuesday, December 10th

First Umbrian date in Spoleto for IL SILENZIO GRANDE, a play directed by Alessandro Gassman with Massimiliano Gallo, Stefania Rocca, Monica Nappo, Paola Senatore and Jacopo Sorbini, written by Maurizio De Giovanni, a Neapolitan writer of international fame, author of many successful books, from the series of the Commissario Ricciardi to I bastardi di Pizzofalcone.

The appointment scheduled for Tuesday, December 10 at the Teatro Nuovo Menotti (21) is the third of the bill of the 2019/2020 Spoleto Theatre Season.

“In my recent career the meeting with Maurizio De Giovanni – says Alessandro Gassmann – has brought important news and projects that have fascinated me. In “Qualcuno volo sul nido del cuculo”, Maurizio’s adaptation allowed me to bring that story that exudes humanity, giving it an even more effective immediacy and recognition for our audience, making the show an extraordinary success. I then deepened my knowledge of the humanity told by De Giovanni, playing the role of inspector Lojacono in the successful television series, now in its second season, “The Bastards of Pizzofalcone”. When, during a lunch break with Maurizio, we talked about “Il silenzio grande”, the idea came up in a few minutes. I immediately had the feeling that, in his hands, an important theme such as family relationships, the passing of time and the notion of home, the place where our lives flow and change over the years, would have an exciting and surprising evolution. I imagined a play in which the audience can recognize itself in the truths that the protagonists tell each other, sometimes screaming and sometimes whispering; a play in which, as it always happens, even in the most dramatic moments, laughter, fun and, in short, life, can explode. This is one of the functions that theater can have, that of telling us what we are, what we could be or even what we could have been. This story has great surprises within it, mysteries that only a great writer of thrillers like Maurizio De Giovanni would have been able to handle with this skill and that really make it a small contemporary classic. In order to make the most of it, theater needs actors who adhere to the characters in a modern way and I think that Massimiliano Gallo, with whom I shared sets and film adventures, is today one of the most effective and complete Italian actors. It was a great joy for me to direct him into a character that was ideal for him. That’s the theater we do, or at least we try to do; we desperately seek the truth, and we trust in your desire to believe in it. Have fun and thank you for your attention.”

On the occasion of the a Natale Regala Teatro initiative, the Teatro Menotti box office will be open on Saturday 23rd November, Tuesday 10th and Saturday 14th December, from 5pm to 7pm. Tickets can also be purchased online on the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria website www.teatrostabile.umbria.it.
You can book by phone, at the Botteghino Telefonico Regionale del Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria 075/57542222, every weekday, from 16 to 20. Tickets booked must be collected half an hour before the show, otherwise they are put back on sale.

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