Miniature Spoleto at the crib by the railway station by Mauro Scarabottini

1.200 small statues, 350 animation effects, 2.620+ lights and light effect for a crib that coverws 42 square meters and features the Nativity scenes and characters in a charming representation of the city of Spoleto. A monumental creation that shows attention to the tiniest detail, signed by Mauro Scarabottini and visitable at the Spoleto railway station.

Every year, Scarabottini’s crib grows with new particulars and details; this year’s new entry is the cathedral with its square that reaches the already present Rocca di Albornoz, Ponte delle Torri, Fortilizio dei Mulini and church of San Pietro.

The crib is open every day from 16.30 to 20.00, until 14 January.

“Scarabottini’s Crib is a refined and spectacular work, created with a compositional ability and an artisan skill worthy of the utmost attention. It is also an act of love towards the city, reproduced with such abundance of details as to become, for the many tourists who frequent the station, a sort of miniature preview or scenographic summary of the wonders that Spoleto can offer, a small masterpiece that the Administration wants to promote and make each year richer and more evocative and which also adds and enhances the other scenic representations of the “The City in a Crib” by the Pro Loco of Spoleto”, said Councilor for Culture of the City of Spoleto Ada Urbani.

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