“Riposino in pace” by Compagnia Teatrale La Maschera

Saturday 11 January at 21 at the Teatro Caio Melisso – Spazio Carla Fendi, the comedy “Riposino in Pace” by Compagnia Teatrale La Maschera directed by Giacomo Cafaro.

“Riposino in pace” is taken from a pièce in two acts by Sicilian director Massimo Romano, talks about cavalier Benito Barone (Mario Cozzari) and lady Lucrezia Mannelli (Rosella Loreti) who meet in a small graveyard. Since the death of his wife, cavalier Benito Barone has been visiting her in the graveyard quite often, while lady Lucrezia has just lost her treacherous husband. So while Benito mourns over his late wife, Lucrezia still swears at her unfaithful spouse. 

Then the graveyard keeper Vittorio (Alberto Minci) butts in and lets the two discover something they would’ve never imagined.

Scenes by Fausto Di Cicco Pucci and Alfredo Cafaro. Cristian Tomassetti on saxophone.

Tickets: 10 – 13 €. Presale (+1 €) at the Caffè dei Tigli, largo dei Tigli 7, Thursdays and Fridays, 16 to 19 and Saturday 11 January at the theatre’s ticket counter.

Info: lamascheraspoleto@gmail.com

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