Giovanni Carandente and Modern Sculpture

Writings 1957 – 2008

Friday 28 February at 17.30 | Palazzo Collicola

Noble Apartment – Hall of Honour

Speeches: Umberto de Augustinis (Mayor) | Ada Urbani (Councillor for culture) | Dario Pompili (Amici di Spoleto) | Marco Tonelli (Director of Palazzo Collicola) | Antonella Pesola (curator)

Supported by Amici di Spoleto and using unpublished materials coming from the archives of the Quadriennale di Roma and frm the Carandente Library at Palazzo Collicola, the anthology Giovanni Carandente and Modern Sculpture. Writings 1957 – 2008 is the first, most extensive publication dedicated to the art critic and curator who organised important exhibition in Spoleto, including Sculptures In The City, giving his collection of works and books to Palazzo Collicola.

100 years past his birth there will be exhibitions, publications, lectures, all promoted by the Comitato Nazionale per le celebrazioni del centenario della nascita di Giovanni Carandente established by MiBACT; the book will be a precious document bearing witness to Carandente’s numberless interests on ancient, modern and contemporary art, the latter being possibly the one he held dearest.

Great artists such as Calder, David Smith, Chillida, Moore, Caro, A. Pomodoro, Marino Marini, Chadwick, Di Suvero, Pepper, Franchina, Lorenzetti, Consagra, Leoncillo, Pascali, are but some of the sculptors that Carandente considered heroes of his times, whom he attended for decades, curating their unique, outstanding exhibitions.

The book includes 30 exhibition presentations, reviews, lectures, which outline peculiar events within art history, a matter which Carandente made clear, objective, immediate, through his typical style, informal yet learned, rich, yet concise.

The book features archival pictures and documents, introductions by Marco Tonelli and Assunta Porciani, and a complete bibliography of everything ever produced by Carandente on ancient and modern sculpture, that make it a tool for study, disclosure and knowledge.

Giovanni Carandente was born in Naples, Italy, on 30 August, 1920. In 1946 he is admitted into Fine Arts’ administration and works as inspector and superintendent in Sicily, Abruzzo e Molise, Lazio, Veneto); in 1955 he becomes inspector for the exhibitions’ sector at the Rome Modern Art National Gallery and cuates the organisation and the catalogues for important exhibitions such as Piet Mondrian’s, the New York Guggenheim masterpieces, Wassiliy Kandinskij, Jackson Pollock, Kazimir Malevič.

In 1961 begins curating contemporary art exhibitions, starting with the 1957 one dedicated to XXth-century Italian sculpture in Messina; the exhibition Sculptures In The City. Spoleto 1962 would be the first one of a series on behalf of the Festival Of Two Worlds.

From 1988 to 1992 he directed the visual arts sector for the Venice Biennale and curated some of the most important exhibitions on artists such as Picasso, Balthus, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Anthony Caro, Marino Marini, David Smith, Eduardo Chillida. Memorable exhibitions include that in 1972 in Florence on Henry Moore at the Forte del Belvedere, that on Calder at the Palazzo a Vela di Torino in 1983, and the exhibition on Russian and Soviet Art in 1989 at the Turin Lingotto. On 13 June 2001 he received the Civis Spoletinus ad honorem. He passed away in Rome on 7 June, 2009.

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