Projects In The Pipeline

The Association L’Uovo di Colombo has presented a project (“Projects In The Pipeline”) to Regione Umbria, in the frame of public-funded projects by volunteers’ and social promotion associations.

The project is in collaboration with IIS Sansi-Leonardi-Volta, the City of Spoleto, La MaMa Umbria International, Associazione ContemporaneaMente gruppo Danza and Cooperativa Immaginazione.

Five free workshops for young people aged 14-20. Starting from 28 February, the “Projects In The Pipeline” will include orientation, cinema, theatre, dance and music paths financed by Regione Umbria through ministerial, state funds and will be organised at the Creative Hub Cantiere Oberdan.

A number of artistic, creative techniques to stimulate imagination will be used, to ignite motivating, active paths to give room to the young’s emotions, overcoming the conventional schemes they have to endure daily.

The first workshop “Creativity and resources” will help getting to know and training one’s potentials, by identifying dreams, passions and projects. Curated by humanist life&teen coach Sara Bodio (28 February, 14 and 27 March from 15 to 18).

The Cinema workshop will also start, that’ll focus on the various roles of this art, producer, director, actor and author. Curated by Graziella Bildesheim (4 April, 23 May, 20 June from 15 to 18).

Starting from 7 April, also at the Creative Hub Cantiere Oberdan, the theatre workshop “Immaginazione collaborativa” will begin, dedicated to body movement and narrative. Curated by Jarred Mcneil (7, 14, 21, 18 April, 5 and 12 May from 15 to 18).

The contemporary dance workshop “Vite in movimento” will be curated by Arianna De Angelis and Sara Libori (9, 16, and 30 May; 6, 13 and 19 June from 15 to 18).

The music workshop “Ritmo e voce” will take place in September, that’ll allow for exploring one’s voice and will be suitable for beginners. Curated by Claudio Scarabottini (19, 26 September; 3, 10, 17, 24 October from 15 to 18).  

The project puts together a number of associations within ATI, which is composed of Associazione Culturale La MaMa Umbria International, Associazione di Promozione Sociale L’Uovo di Colombo, Associazione culturale Il Borgo, Associazione di Promozione Sociale L’Erica, Società Cooperativa Sociale Immaginazione, Associazione ContemporaneaMente Gruppo Danza, Associazione Culturale Giovanile Bisse.

The project will help raise further funds through the scheduled artistic events, which will advertised on social networks and on

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