Book presentation “Caterina de’ Medici”, by A. Necci

Sunday 8 March at h 17.30, Palazzo Collicola

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the book “Caterina de’ Medici – Un’italiana alla conquista della Francia” by Alessandra Necci will be presented on Sunday 8 March at 17.30 at Palazzo Collicola. A sovereign endowed with incomparable ingenuity, Caterina de’ Medici is one of the most extraordinary figures of the XVIth century. Poorly understood and opposed by contemporaries and posterity, her complex personality gives way to countless controversial interpretations. Lights and shadows surround Alessandra Necci’s new portrait of a brilliant political mind, which seems to embody Machiavelli’s Prince, capable of finding a balance between Fortune and Virtue, a master in enhancing the characteristics of her homeland, Renaissance Italy, and the opportunities offered by her adopted homeland, France of the Valois. Between the personal events of a pivotal figure in European history and dynastic intrigues, Alessandra Necci’s unmistakable style and narrative ability bring to life the atmosphere of an entire era.

Mayor Umberto de Augustinis, councillor for culture Ada Urbani, and Palazzo Collicola director Marco Tonelli will offer their salute, and introduce the speeches by Alessandra Necci, Simonetta Matone, Claudia del Gaudio, coordinated by Stefano Folli.

A performance by Carole Magnini and two members of Micrologus, (Italian Middle-Ages themed musical ensemble) will be featured, followed by a vin d’honneur.

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