International Women’s Day

Friday 6 March

h 20.15 – Villa Redenta, Women For Sustainability, a stroll to discover monumental trees included into the campaign “M’illumino di meno”

h 21.00 – Cinèma Sala Pegasus, film Caterina by Francesco Corsi, at the presence of the director| included in Visioni d’Autore

Saturday 7 March

h 11.00 – Cinèma Sala Pegasus, concert “XXth-century Musical Paths: Late Romanticism, music by C. A. De Bériot, R. Strauss, F. Liszt interpreted by Nyla van Ingen (soprano), Gustavo Gasperini (violin), Monica Pontini (violin), Lucia Sorci (piano) organised by Officina d’Arte&Tessuti Spoleto

h 16.00 – City Hall, convention “Sport Women”. Social inclusion and gender equality, with Margherita Granbassi; Prize Donna Sapiens IXth ed. olympic champions Margherita Granbassi and Agnese Duranti, organised by FIDAPA BPW Italy Sez. di Spoleto and Women Against War

Sunday 8 March

h 10.30 – Cinèma Sala Pegasus projection in matinée, breakfast at the cinéma

h 11.00 – short movie Réponse de Femme, followed by Cléo from 5 to 7 by Agnès Varda

h 17.30 – Palazzo Collicola book presentation, Caterina de’ Medici by Alessandra Necci. An Italian woman conquering France, at the presence of the author; choreographic and musical performance “Portrait de Femme” by Carole Magnini featuring Goffredo Degli Esposti and Gabriele Russo, Micrologus Ensemble

h 21.00 – Cinèma Sala Pegasus, film Rosa by Katja Colja at the presence of the director| included in Visioni d’Autore

Friday 13 March

h 16.30 – Palazzo Leti Sansi, convention “No heart is different – Supporting women against gender violence”. From the introduction of the red code to a new sentimental education, by Rotary Club and Inner Wheel, Spoleto and Foligno sections

Saturday 14 March

h 20.30 – Piazza San Gabriele dell’Addolorata, Wonderful Word, funds gathering to support Cantiere Oberdan, by Contemporaneamente Gruppo Danza, with Arianna De Angelis Marocco and Sara Libori

Saturday 21 March

h 17.00 – Cinèma Sala Frau, multimedia show “Serafina e le altre Le donne nell’Amministrazione Spoletina” by Association Il Contrappunto APS

h 21.00 – Cinèma Sala Frau, film “Le invisibili” by Louis-Julien Petit, free admission|by Association I miei tempi

Saturday 28 March

from h 18.30 – Piazza del Mercato, Facciamo luce sull’endometriosi – fountain lighting within the campaign “L’Italia si illumina di giallo”

Exhibition | Sunday 8 March

h 16.00 – Exhibiting halls in via Visiale
opening of the anthological exhibition
“Il mondo donna”, by Bruno Minelli
14 March – 14 April, free admission

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