Giorgio Ferrara announces the schedule of Spoleto 63

The 63rd Festival Of Two Worlds from June 26 to July

“We’ve been working to offer 17 days of great shows, said director Giorgio Ferrara. The bill is ready and it is my wish to share it in these days of grief for Italy and the world, in hope it might contribute to lift our spirit and show that Entertainment and Culture will not stop. The hope is that the city of Spoleto can again open its stages to Art in all its forms this year, and that it is a pleasure for me to inform that all the artists and companies planned continue to express their desire to be here. We all expect good news.”

As usual, OPERA will be the opener, this time with an imposing show in Piazza Duomo, produced by Spoleto63: a 1984 re-reading of Claudio Monteverdi‘s Orfeo by Luciano Berio, that was staged at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In his new interpretation, Berio explores new sonic interactions, introducing guitars, brass- and rockbands, electronics. I asked Pier Luigi Pizzi, who used to be its director, to adapt the show to the wonderful scenario of piazza Duomo.

MELOLOGO, for orchestra, choir and voice, taken from Ovidio’s Eroidi, composed by Silvia Colasanti is a Festival’s commission.

THE PILOT AND THE BALLERINA, American extraordinary duo CocoRosie, formed by sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady, will stage their last work, their own composition, with choreography by Ira Anufrieva.

The 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven will be celebrated with MUSIC and DANCE: the FINAL CONCERT by the Italian Youth Orchestra will be conducted by James Conlon, will feature the German composer’s Fifth and Seventh Symphony;
LE CREATURE DI PROMETEO with the Orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova conducted by Andrea Battistoni, a show, between parade and ballet, original costumes by Roberto Capucci;
HEROIC SYMPHONY, John Neumeier with 100 dancers of the Hamburg Ballet in a show conceived on the notes of the Eroica, which combines musicfragments and emotional suggestions based on Beethoven’s biography, in a unique combination of dance, piano and symphonic music;
BEETHOVEN. THE MUSIC OF LIFE with Corrado Augias and Giuseppe Fausto Modugno on piano, leads us to reflect on the composer’s life.

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