Hackathon. Langobard Digital Marathon 1-4 December 2020

The Basilica of San Salvatore has been in the UNESCO serial site “The Longobards in Italy. The places of power (568-774 A.D.)” since 2011. A recognition of great value and visibility, which confirms and amplifies the importance of our city from the historical, cultural and tourist point of view. Besides the City of Spoleto, the cities of Cividale del Friuli, Brescia, Castelseprio and Gornate Olona (in a single site), Campello sul Clitunno, Benevento and Monte Sant’Angelo are included in the network.

In 2009, these cities gave birth to the Italia Langobardorum association, thus presenting themselves as a unitary whole, though articulated and complex, both geographicallly and for the typology of the represented monumental assets. Since then, the Association has been planning common activities of valorisation in compliance with UNESCO. These activities are carried out following a Management Plan, a fundamental element to obtain and maintain the position in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Through the Management Plan, the Association ensures the effective protection of the assets and their transmission to future generations and, at the same time, contributes to the socio-economic development and quality of life of the communities. Therefore, the Management Plan must take into account the typological differences, the characteristics and needs of the serial site, as well as the cultural and/or natural context in which the seven monuments are located.

Almost 10 years after the recognition, it was necessary to proceed with the revision of the Management Plan; for this reason the Association participated in the MiBACT call for “special measures … for UNESCO sites” with the project “Updating the Management Plan through participatory processes” obtaining funding under Law 77/2006.

Due to the health emergency, the project has suffered an obvious slowdown and it was necessary to reflect on how to deal with the problem of social distancing and the impossibility of travelling, meeting, aggregating, in the face of the need to implement a “participatory process” for the updating of the Management Plan, as requested by the World Heritage Committee.

The solution conceived was organizing a Hackathon, to develop a virtual platform destined for organizing the necessary meetings.

A 4-day Langobard Digital Marathon has thus been scheduled, from 1 to 4 December, during which all the meetings of the individual components and of the entire network will be concentrated, along with some information and dissemination activities. At the same time, a special format will be made available on the platform to collect projects and ideas useful for the final drafting of the Plan. A chat will also be activated, to answer questions and curiosity, and to assist in the use of the platform.

The activities carried out, the number of people involved and the projects, ideas and proposals collected, considered as a useful starting point to define priorities and strategies for the implementation of future projects for the Langobard site, will be presented at the end of the event, on Friday 4 December.

The proposal of a Hackathon for the Langobard site is an alternative way of involvement which, though born in an emergency condition that impies social distancing, aims to bring the protagonists and all stakeholders and rightholders present in the territories included in the site, also allowing those far away to know and compare themselves with the other realities, very diversified, but still part of a single common project, already recognized as such in 2011, and which now returns again to face the near future.

The opening of the online participatory meetings through the Hackathon platform will take place on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 11.30. The new president Rossella del Prete, vice-president Ada Urbani, representatives of the other cities of the network and supporting members will be present, as well as Dr. Angela Maria Ferroni of the Ministry who, since 2007, has never stopped following and supporting the activities of the Longobards’ network.

You’re all invited to follow the Hackathon which will be streamed on the social channels of the Associazione Italia Langobardorum.


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