A City that Reads – Project: “A Stone in the Pond”

The project “Il sasso nello stagno” (“The stone in the pond”), promoted by the “G. Carducci” City Library – A City that Reads, in collaboration with the Centre for Expression Pedagogy “L’Arca nel bosco” (“The Ark in the wood”), continues in the name of Rodari, after the last stage last February with the Family-in-the-library Day .

The title of the project conceived by Elisabetta Proietti and Agnese Tomassini refers to Rodari’s extraordinary “Grammar of the Imagination”, in which the multifaceted teacher, whose centenary of the birth is this year, describes the chain reactions that the word is capable of arousing in the listener: a manifesto of the countless possibilities that listening opens up and that the word is capable of activating.

Now, after the paths undertaken with kids and children, the project continues at a distance: for the whole month of December on the YouTube channel of the City of Spoleto and on the Facebook page of the “Giosuè Carducci” City library, there will be three appointments with Gianni Rodari’s fables and nursery rhymes. Beginning with Story of Uncle Barba.

Open to children of all ages… 0 – 99 yo!

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