Spoleto’s libraries receive 1400 new books

About 1,400 new books enrich the heritage of Spoleto’s libraries. The 2020 new acquisitions bring the “Carducci” library to over 126,000 inventory units while the “Carandente” library reaches 31,000 units, in addition to multimedia materials, archives and periodicals.

Great classics and new bestsellers, celebrated authors and new talents, the main stages of philosophy, the Greek and Latin tradition, biographies, essays and manuals on cinema, music and photography, literature for children and adolescents, comics and essays on economics, anthropology and the most up-to-date tourist guidebooks, home care and hobbies, the protagonists and events of History and Culture, many volumes dedicated both to local history and traditions and to the figures and masterpieces of universal Art: this and much more is what readers of the Carducci and Carandente libraries will find in the coming months.

These new acquisitions cost 30,000 € overall, 20,000 of which covered by the “bonus Franceschini“.

In the next weeks we will provide reading suggestions to introduce some of the libraries’ new acquisitions.

In the meantime, you may start with fantasy, comics, science-fiction: https://bit.ly/38nsjli 👈

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