The Umbrian Chronicles

Available on Google Play and Apple Store “The Umbrian Chronicles”, the video game created to promote the network of 11 museums and institutions in the Spoleto and Valnerina area.

Made possible thanks to the contribution of Regional Law 24/2003, which financed the project “Museum connections: between valleys and mountains, villages and cities” presented by the City of Spoleto as project leader, “The Umbrian Chronicles” was reported as one of the trendiest Christmas games in the Google store (over 2000 downloads to date).

The strength of Connessioni museali lies precisely in the project’s capacity to involve museums and institutions in a territory, namely Spoleto and the Valnerina, which is rich in history and cultural references of great interest,” said councillor for Culture Ada Urbani. “The Umbrian Chronicles gives a playful twist to this body of knowledge, transferring places, characters and stories into a new dimension, that of the videogame. We are very satisfied with the good results obtained in this first period.

The Umbrian Chronicles is a playful narrative work that tells the story of Ponzia, an art critic who has been asked to write an article about the cultural life of the Spoleto area and some places in the Valnerina. The player will be able to follow the protagonist during her journey and learn with her about the history of these places by meeting historical figures, visiting museums and discovering myths and stories. During her adventure Ponzia will discover that the history of these places also hides the history of her origins.

The genesis of the game was also the subject of a meeting with the students of class IV-A of the Liceo Classico Pontano-Sansi in Spoleto, who took part in a school-to-work alternation project, and the working group of Ega Entertainment, the company that developed the video game.

In the next appointments, the children themselves, after viewing the story and the cultural contents included, will be involved in the design and creation of a thematic mini-game that will become an integral part of the play path.

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