“Leggere tra me e te” closes with a book presentation

The project “Leggere fra me e te per un ‘noi’ che va oltre i campanili” (“Reading between you and I for an ‘us’ that goes beyond parochialism”), winner of the 2018 Città che legge call for proposals, will end on Thursday 29 July with the online presentation of the book “Fiabe in cammino” (“Fairy tales on the way”). The project was created to use reading as a vehicle for networking and encouraging dialogue between people of different ages and cultures.

A network initiative involving six cities (Bastia Umbra, Corciano, Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio, Spoleto and Todi, with Spoleto as lead partner), financed by the Centre for Books and Reading (CEPELL). Started in September 2019, it has seen the realisation, by the libraries of the six cities of the network, of 11 training courses and 57 experiential and workshop courses, involving 27 experts/professionals.

The book “Fairy tales on the way – written and told by refugees and asylum seekers” that collects stories and fairy tales, translated into Italian, from the countries of origin of migrants from Africa and Asia, guests of SPRAR (now SIPROIMI) of Gubbio and Spoleto, will be presented online on the social channels of the City of Spoleto Thursday, July 29 at 17 featuring representatives of the six cities involved, the operators of the SIPROIMI project Cooperativa “Il Cerchio” and the SIPROIMI project of the City of Gubbio (RTI Arcisolidarietà Ora D’Aria, Cooperativa Perusia, Fontiera Lavoro and Famiglia Nuova) and the teachers who transcribed the stories.

The project, the natural continuation of a series of good practices that each city has implemented over the years in the field of promoting reading, is designed to focus on the human relationships that reading offers the opportunity to establish or consolidate (“reading between you and me”), in a practice of sharing all to the benefit of the quality of individual and collective life (“for an ‘us'”) that is proposed to all, to those who are at the “centre” or at the “margins” of the community, in an exchange that unites, brings together and puts in contact people, places, cities and stories (“beyond parochialism”) also in new or unprecedented ways and relational forms, as experienced during the period of the COVID emergency in which part of the project activity took place.

Oltre alle varie attività svolte dai singoli comuni o oltre alla realizzazione del Libro “ Fiabe in Cammino”, gli incontri e le iniziative del progetto che hanno coinvolto tutti i comuni sono stati la Cerimonia di avvio e di presentazione pubblica con l’intervento di Bruno Tognolini; l’incontro con il campione di nuoto paralimpico Federico Morlacchi, autore del libro “Nato per l’acqua”; le letture animate, rivolte ai bambini delle primarie, realizzate in presenza e on line da Mirko Revoyera, in occasione del centenario di Gianni Rodari. Inoltre per la prima volta è stata istituita un giornata, nella prima domenica di febbraio, con aperture straordinarie delle biblioteche comunali dal titolo “Famiglie in Biblioteca

The meetings and initiatives involving all cities were the launching and public presentation ceremony, featuring the intervention of Bruno Tognolini; the meeting with the Paralympic swimming champion Federico Morlacchi, author of the book “Nato per l’acqua” (Born for water); the animated readings, aimed at primary school children, produced in presence and online by Mirko Revoyera, on the occasion of the centenary of Gianni Rodari. In addition, for the first time, a day has been set aside for the first Sunday in February, with special openings of the city libraries entitled “Families at the Library“.

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