Mario Tozzi and Enzo Favata at Spazio Collicola

The Mediterranean: The Roots of a Myth| Wednesday 4 August at 21

For Spoleto d’Estate, Mario Tozzi and Enzo Favata arrive at Spazio Collicola. “Mediterraneo: le radici di un mito” (“The Mediterranean: the roots of a myth”) is the event scheduled for Wednesday, August 4 at 21, organized by the Association Visioninmusica and part of the project “La Voce della Terra 2021”.

For reasons connected to the anti Covid-19 measures, it is imperative that the audience show up not any later than 30 minutes prior to the event

An earth scientist and a musician who has turned the music of his land into an unmistakable style. Mario Tozzi (narrator), the geologist known to the general public for his television programmes, and Enzo Favata (saxophones, clarinets, electronics), a jazz saxophonist appreciated on the international scene, together recount the Mediterranean through the particular point of view of geology, a science as fascinating as it is neglected, and music on the borderline between past and future.

The result is an unprecedented fresco of the myth of Atlantis, a film without images told through words and sounds, in which archaic landscapes, forgotten myths and scientific research take shape, revealing to the spectator an ancient geography, buried in the stratification of geological and prehistoric eras.

Mario Tozzi
Scientist, first researcher at the CNR, Tozzi has conducted studies on the geological evolution of the central-eastern Mediterranean. He is the author of over 50 scientific publications on Italian and international journals. Of 2012 is his latest book “Pianeta Terra. Ultimo Atto” published by Rizzoli, preceded by other titles such as “Il grande libro della Terra” and “Italia segreta. Viaggio nel sottosuolo da Torino a Palermo”. He is also known to the general public for a series of successful television programmes on science: “Atlantide”, “Allarme Italia”, “La Gaia Scienza”, “Gaia, il pianeta che vive”. For many years he has assiduously visited Sardinia for his studies, in particular he has followed the journalist Sergio Frau in his search for scientific data to support the theory of identification between Sardinia and the mythical Atlantis. Today, he combines his scientific expertise with his talents as a communicator to devote himself to an intense activity of educating the younger generations in the knowledge of issues related to the environment and the protection of the territory.

Enzo Favata
A musician appreciated on the international jazz scene as a saxophonist, he is also a composer and author of original music for cinema, radio, theatre and documentaries. His projects, characterised by an original interweaving of popular and avant-garde music, have been hosted in prestigious festivals and countless stages all over the world. Favata has played and recorded with Dino Saluzzi, Enrico Rava, Miroslav Vitous, Lester Bowie, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Metropole Orkest, Dave Liebman, Guinga, Omar Sosa, Django Bates, Tenores di Bitti, Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang and many others. He currently has 16 records to his credit. Very skilled with live electronics, mixed with his wind instruments, in this project he uses a sound filtering system on his saxophones, clarinets and ethnic instruments, creating magical sound atmospheres on which Mario Tozzi’s story flows.

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