Note Noire live at Spazio Collicola for Spoleto d’Estate

Thursday 5 August at 21
Free admission, booking required

“Collicola Jazz Connection”, proposed by Metronome, will feature the contemporary jazz quartet Note Noire on Thursday 5 August at 21.00.

The concert will be free of charge and upon reservation (info – 338/8562727), will take place at Spazio Collicola.

Note Noire feature Ruben Chaviano (violin), Roberto Beneventi (accordeon), Tommaso Papini (guitar) and Mirco Capecchi (doublebass), express their common musical journey through original compositions.

Theirs is music written in total freedom that feeds on modern and cosmopolitan musical languages through instruments of the European tradition such as violin, accordion, guitar and double bass.

Their last album album “Nadir” (Alfamusic/EGEA) is an invisible point from which to observe the sound of an ensemble with a classical timbre, made up of four musicians who are inevitably attracted by the constant novelty of the creative scene and stylistic experimentation.

Active since 2011, Note Noire have played at the Royal Albert Hall (UK), Rhino Jazz Festival (FR), LongLake Festival (CH), Piacenza Jazz Fest (IT), Pisa Jazz (IT), Milano Django Festival (IT), Barga Jazz Festival (IT).

from the liner notes

Note Noire continue to “insinuate” Jazz following an aesthetic vision that since their debut has struck for the natural, poetic combination of their refined perspective that operates very deep, in the instant of feeling, of reflection on the history of Blue Note, on the rhythmic language of precious forms of manouche swing, of a broad and melodic bien parisienne, of iridescent Latin and Mediterranean atmospheres from the Maghreb to Magna Graecia, which seem to give the quartet a new way of expression and reflection. What captivates is above all the personal atmospheres and the fluid narrative situations with different intentions, a notable ability to tell so many different stories with different sound alchemies, contextualised by Ruben Chaviano’s violin and Roberto Beneventi’s accordion in a “raised” climate and made lyrical by the guitar and double bass of Tommaso Papini and Mirco Capecchi, as “logical” and composed as they are spontaneous. The Nadir, the pole of the astronomical horizon opposite to the Zenit, is their way of observing and commenting on what is known, what is imagined and what is experienced: this seems to be the sense of the sound of a quartet that has chosen to give itself the name of a night that is as luminous as ever (Fabrizio Ciccarelli)

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