The first edition of “Reading in the Park” is over

Seven meetings with over 200 children:
success for the “Carducci” Library’s initiative

Seven meetings with the participation of over 200 children. The first edition of “Reading in the Park”, the initiative organised by the “Carducci” Library for the summer of 2021 and dedicated to families and children up to 10 years of age, was a success.

A calendar of appointments and read-alouds that had the Chico Mendes Park as the main location and, for the last meeting on 5 September, the green space of the Fuori Festival under the Rocca Albornoz, Official Meeting Point of the Festival Of Two Worlds.

The collaboration with the “Fuori Festival”, which since 2015 has been committed not only to giving support to local and international artists, but also to bringing the new generations closer to different forms of art and transferring knowledge and skills in the musical, ethical and cultural spheres, has made it possible to design and organise different spaces and activities for children.

Four corners were set up for the final day. In the “Reading Corner”, participants were able to listen to stories read aloud and leaf through the various books made available to them by the Library. In the “Instrumental Corner”, Maestro Roberto Carlini introduced the children to the world of rhythm through drums and percussion, while in the “Interactive Corner”, curated by Gianfilippo Fibraroli, the children were able to interact with electronic music.

Finally, in the “Listening Corner”, Alfredo Trastulli (aka F.T.G.) presented a show characterised by sounds totally unrelated to the world of children. The artist presented a live show based on sound synthesis, a process that allows sounds to be generated artificially using different instruments.

The initiative was financed by the Centre for Books and Reading and is part of the Carducci Library’s actions to promote reading within the “Città che Legge” project.

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