Umbria Green Festival at Spoleto d’estate 2021

Vincent Van Gogh. Letters to Theo on nature | Friday 10 September at h 21, Roman Theatre

The shows of the Umbria Green Festival are featured in the 2021 Spoleto Summer. The first event, scheduled for Friday, September 10 at 21 at the Roman Theatre, will be with “Vincent Van Gogh. Letters to Theo about nature“, the new and original show by Marco Goldin and Remo Anzovino in which the almost mystical relationship between the Dutch painter and nature will be told through a multidisciplinary narrative built on several levels (including music, poetry and cinema).

Anzovino’s piano notes will recount Van Gogh’s amazement at the spectacle of nature, while Goldin will interpret the hundreds of letters written by the painter to his brother Theo.

The event is organised by Techne S.r.l. with the collaboration of the cultural association De Rerum Natura and the patronage of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, Regione Umbria, City of Spoleto and Rai per il sociale.

Free admission upon reservation on Ticket Italia >> (Green pass required to access).

Umbria Green Festival was created to unite all the arts and science in the name of nature. Because science, like art, fights in the name of beauty,” explains Daniele Zepparelli, artistic director and president of Associazione Culturale De Rerum Natura The great challenge for the Umbria Green Festival is to keep alive the balance between truth and beauty on which humanity can build all its future successes. Because there is a principle of elegance and beauty that moves nature, that guides theories, that helps solve problems and almost always the true and the beautiful converge. Umbria Green Festival, in its own small way, wants to help change the world and tell the future. A sustainable future. This, too, is a way of fighting, of spreading the environmental message, of cultivating hope.”

The next event of the Umbria Green Festival in Spoleto, on Saturday 25 September at 21.00 at the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti, will be with the Italian physicist and academic Valerio Rossi Albertini.

Umbria Green Festival, eight municipalities involved in Umbria’s major places of historical and natural interest, is one of the many events that Regione Umbria is supporting thanks to the invitation to tender “POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 – Az. 3.2.1 – Avviso pubblico per partecipazione Progetto Spettacoli dal vivo”.

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