Monica Guerritore at Teatro Caio Melisso

The play “Dall’inferno… all’infinito” is on schedule Wednesday 15 September at 21

Monica Guerritore, one of the most representative and acclaimed actresses on the Italian scene, on the occasion of the 7th centenary of Dante Alighieri’s death on 14 September, presents DALL’INFERNO… ALL’INFINITO.

It will be staged in Spoleto at Teatro Caio Melisso-Spazio Carla Fendi, Wednesday 15 September at 21.

“Dante’s journey that night between 7 and 8 April 300,” says Monica Guerritore, “dragged me into an uninterrupted flight of apparitions and mental images that could not be exhausted in his images. They carried with them similar archetypes, assonants and music and sensations that gradually became an inner journey… and which are still not exhausted. My intention was the strong desire to uproot words, texts, high verses from their “known” location to give them back an original and powerful “sense”, sure that the strength of Dante’s words, removing them from song and history, would have given us back an original sense, would have led us inside the densest, darkest and most magnificent areas of the human soul. She was sure that, by following a path of encounter with her reference figures (Virgil, his super-Ego, Beatrice/Francesca and the aspects of the Feminine, the Chaos of Hell, Ugolino, the Father) she would have been able to intimately approach Dante’s original inspiration in tackling the Divine Comedy. Without fear of cuts and without fear of continuing that story with words and high texts of other authors, closer to us, such as Morante, Pasolini, Valduga. To us only the merit of “being there” and “saying” and “listening”. Out loud… With heart and head… And in the end “e naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare (…) e quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle”. Perhaps…”.

The powerful creative force of the Imagination of the pages of Hillmann and Citati accompany and perhaps explain (in part) the descent into the blackness, into the intimate human nature, that Dante puts into verse in the opening cantos of the Inferno (Divine Comedy); his search for and encounter with the parts of the Self. In Wagner’s beautiful words, the power of music (which accompanies the entire performance) becomes an emotional engine and precedes, accompanies and amplifies the torment of the passions of love (Paolo and Francesca), of abandonment (La Tentazione by Valduga), of ferocity as in the song of Count Ugolino. Of natural abysses that also bring on stage maternal and paternal figures: Pasolini, Morante. Everything renders the research and the inner and poetic tale of masters who are distant from each other in terms of age, a single great soul that recounts the infinite ways of the testimony of the Self… The words of Umberto Eco and of the great psychoanalyst Galimberti accompany us, today’s men, in the understanding of our inner Hell and of the intuited Infinity… All perceived and delivered to us from a single source, the artistic Intuition of men and women who have “searched for themselves”… (C.Pavese).

Admission 10 €.

Reservations can be made by telephone, at the Botteghino Telefonico Regionale del Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria, 075/57542222, every weekday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Reserved tickets must be collected one hour before the performance, otherwise they will be put on sale again.

It is also possible to purchase tickets on

On the day of the performance, tickets can be collected at the Caio Melisso Theatre from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (info: 0743 222209).

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