2021 Lex Spoletina Award To Luca Bernabei

Lux Vide CEO receives the Lex Spoletina Award.
I thank Spoleto, a city that loves us, we also love Spoleto and all the people who do Don Matteo well”

In the presence of the main actors of the cast and staff of Don Matteo 13, Luca Bernabei, CEO of Lux Vide, was presented with the Lex Spoletina 2021.

The president of the Associazione Amici di Spoleto onlus, Candia Marcucci, together with the president of the Fondazione Carispo di Spoleto, Salvatore Finocchi, presented the Lex Spoletina 2021 to Luca Bernabei this morning during a ceremony held in Spoleto in the Salone d’Onore of Palazzo Leti Sansi in the presence of the authorities and the extraordinary commissioner of the Comune di Spoleto, Tiziana Tombesi, with the support and patronage of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Spoleto represented by Salvatore Finocchi.

The ceremony was attended by cast members Terence Hill, Nino Frassica, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Maurizio Lastrico and Nathalie Guetta.

The awards are a pleasure,” began Luca Bernabei, “especially when they come from people who have welcomed us with friendship. Production is not an easy job, we make people laugh and cry, but there is a lot of hard work behind it. What counts for us is the common good, and even in politics we should pay more attention when speaking to the country. We pay a lot of attention to what we do because we know we are speaking to millions of people. I dedicate this award to my teachers, to my father who taught me to work for others, and to Sara Melodia who worked alongside me for fifteen years and who last year flew into the sky while giving life to her son. Finally, to my wife who, despite our six children, has become a full professor at the Tor Vergata University. Each of us is called upon to make a masterpiece of our lives, to do what we do well. I am not very worldly, but I thought it right to be here to thank you for the welcome you have given us. I thank Spoleto, which has loved us, and we also love Spoleto and all the people who do Don Matteo well”.

Opening the ceremony of the Lex Spoletina 2021 was the president of the Associazione degli Amici di Spoleto onlus Candia Marcucci who recalled how “the Lex Spoletina is a symbol for our city of the need to take care of and promote beautiful things. The first recipient in 1986 was Gian Carlo Menotti, then, over time, the Lex was awarded to Giovanni Carandente, Gian Luigi Rondi, Luca Ronconi and Carla Fendi, among others. The indication for Luca Bernabei as managing director of Lux Vide was given by the previous board of the Associazione Amici di Spoleto chaired by Dario Pompili, confirmed by the current board chaired by me precisely because Lux Vide has contributed to spreading the fame of Spoleto”.

Extraordinary commissioner Tiziana Tombesi brought greetings from the municipality: “The extraordinary nature of the Lex Spoletina’s message on conservation and enhancement,” she said, “is reflected in the nature of the relationship established between Lux Vide and the city. Don Matteo and Luca Bernabei have undoubtedly helped to promote and make the city known in Italy and abroad”.

The award was given by unanimous resolution of the Board of Directors on 25 October 2017, by the Associazione Amici di Spoleto to Luca Bernabei , managing director of LUX VIDE, for having conceived and produced the television series “Don Matteo” filmed in Spoleto and which has obtained and continues to obtain a great public reception; his editorial line, inspired by Christian values, has been happily combined with the beauty of the city, with its most illustrious monuments representing the most evident testimony to the history and culture of Spoleto.

Luca Bernabei is married to Paola Lucantoni and has six children. He loves his family and his country, Italy. Born in Rome in 1964, he graduated in Political Science from La Sapienza University in Rome. He began his career working in advertising for major Italian agencies and trend-setting production companies. In 1994, he became an associate producer at Lux Vide, where he produced the international television series The Bible. In 2002, he was appointed Head of Production, taking charge of the entire production cycle of the audiovisual product, from creative development to post-production. He was then appointed CEO of Lux Vide in 2013. He has produced more than 100 projects and is currently involved in the production of several new series and projects for broadcasters and platforms.

Lex Spoletina – For years, the ‘Amici di Spoleto’ Association has used the reproduction of the Lex Spoletina (the stone cippus preserved in the Archaeological Museum, dating back to the 2nd century B.C., on which the text of a law protecting sacred woods is engraved) as an award for those who have contributed to the concrete defence of the historical, cultural and environmental heritage, the knowledge of the City and the development of its economy.

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