Spoleto Jazz Season

Michel Reis, Marc Demuth and Paul Wiltgen, three leading lights from Luxembourg’s vibrant jazz scene, arrive on Friday 22 October at h 21.00 at the Teatro Caio Melisso

Second appointment for the 2021 Spoleto Jazz Season; after the acclaimed success of pianist Enrico Pieranunzi last October 8 at the Teatro Caio Melisso, the festival turns its gaze to Europe, hosting a trio of the highest level and prestige in the same setting.

Michel Reis (piano), Marc Demuth (bass) and Paul Wiltgen (drums), had a key moment in their collaboration with world-renowned saxophonist Joshua Redman, with whom they toured Europe in 2018, followed by a series of festival appearances in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg in 2019. Their latest album, Sly (2021, CAM Jazz), will be presented live, along with a selection from the rest of their repertoire. Tickets for the concerts can be purchased on the Vivaticket circuit or at the theatre. In compliance with the ministerial provisions, the Green Pass is necessary to access the concert.

In 1998, while still in high school, Reis, Demuth and Wiltgen formed the REIS DEMUTH WILTGEN Trio, playing regularly in and around Luxembourg for a couple of years. The trio reunited in 2011 eager to share their experiences and new music. Their first self-titled album was released on Laborie Jazz to wide critical acclaim. Since its release, the band has toured extensively around the world and appeared at major international jazz festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America and West Africa. The band’s second album “Places In Between” was recorded in New York City and released on Double Moon Records in 2016. The trio is now under contract with the Italian label CAM JAZZ which released their albums ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ (2018) and ‘SLY’. In 2016 the trio began collaborating with world-renowned saxophonist Joshua Redman, who says he fell in love with their music from the moment he heard them when his quartet was playing a double bill with them at a festival in France. He then played several of the trio’s compositions with his own ensembles. In March 2018, the trio went on a tour of Europe with Redman as their chief guest. This tour included a performance at the Philharmonie Luxembourg with music by REIS DEMUTH WILTGEN arranged for the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg by Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor Vince Mendoza.

SLY is the fourth release by REIS DEMUTH WILTGEN. Staying true to the familiar acoustic piano format, the album features exclusively new work and captures the trio’s current musical identity and the strong voice they have developed in recent years. As musicians experience displacement, their viewpoints broaden, their modes diversify, their personalities grow, their ideas change and, as artists, their sense of ownership of what they might consider home, intensifies. Their Luxembourg heritage is precious and they themselves recognise the importance of being aware of their roots in the context of making and creating music. The music in SLY is by no means traditional of Luxembourg, but is a tribute to their home, an acknowledgement of their upbringing, an appreciation of where and what they come from. Their starting point simply provides a base on which they can venture to build new experiences and thus create an honest and sincere, yet innovative sound. The fox on the cover represents their strong connection to Luxembourg. One of the most important literary works in Luxembourg’s national language is in fact ‘Renert’ (full title: ‘Renert oder de Fuuß am Frack an a Ma’nsgrëßt’ – ‘Renert or the fox in tails and human size’) by Michel Rodange, published in 1872. A satirical epic work, adapted from the Cotta edition of 1858, on the epic of Reineke Fuchs, the fox created by Goethe, set in Luxembourg. It is known for its in-depth analysis of the unique characteristics of the Luxembourg people, using regional and sub-regional dialects to identify the fox and his companions. REIS DEMUTH WILTGEN refer to the fox as a cunning, intelligent, creative and skillful figure, characteristics very much in line with the art of the modern musician. “Sly” is therefore a tribute to their identity as Luxemburgers.

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