Saturday Night Concerts at the Gallery @ Officina d'arte e tessuti
Apr 14 @ 17:00

The Officina d’arte e tessuti presents the third appointment with “I concerti del sabato in galleria”, titled Il quartetto nel Novecento.

Music by:
Paul Hindemith, Schulwerke op.44 n.3
Anton Webern, Langsamer satz
Bèla Bartok, Romanian Dances (for string quartet)

Gustavo Gasperini, Monica Pontini, violin
Federico Micheli, viola
Ivo Scarponi, cello

Info and reservations:
Cell. +39 333 3763011

concerti in galleria3

VIVI LA VIA – Excursions on the St. Francis Way @ Spoleto - Monteluco
May 27 all-day
<!--:it-->VIVI LA VIA - Escursioni sulla Via di Francesco<!--:--><!--:en-->VIVI LA VIA - Excursions on the St. Francis Way<!--:--> @ Spoleto - Monteluco | Spoleto | Umbria | Italia

The Municipality of Spoleto, in collaboration with Consorzio Francesco’s Ways, join the event VIVI LA VIA, which will take place along the Via di Francesco / St. Francis Way on 25, 26 and 27 May.

The event aims at giving value to the culture of walking and pilgrimage, with due regard for those who choose to embark on the journey, in harmony with the environment and the territory, and thanks to the active involvement of associations and local communities who live along the way.

Sunday, May 27, in Spoleto, you can participate in 3 different types of routes, to be faced on foot (in collaboration with the CAI Spoleto), by mountain bike (in collaboration with MTB Club) and horseback (in collaboration with Natura a Cavallo, Horse Centre Somma and Spoleto Country Club).

The event will be a special opportunity to discover the St. Francis Way and the places linked to the Saint in the stretch of the route on Spoleto’s territory, but will also offer musical and gastronomic events.

Participation is free of charge upon reservation.

Walking Itinerary
We will follow with possible variations the CAI ring path n. 1 that, starting from the Basilica of San Pietro and passing by the Church of San Giuliano, reaches Monteluco along the west side of the mountain. Return to Spoleto along the so-called “corta” (shortcut).
Altitude difference: about 500 m.

Mountain bike Itinerary
We will start from the Basilica of San Pietro and, after the Church of San Giuliano, we will reach the path for the Sasso Forato and we will reach Monteluco after passing through the hamlet of Le Aie. Return to Spoleto through Hotel del Matto, Valcieca and Giro dei Condotti.
Altitude difference: about 600 m.

Itinerary on horseback
From the SS Flaminia, South of Spoleto, we will take the Strada dei Patricani, CAI path n. 6, pass through the hamlet of I Camini and then reach Monteluco. Return to Spoleto along the “corta” (shortcut).
Altitude difference: about 500 m.


8.30         Gathering of participants at Piazzale Roma (Spoleto SUD exit)
9.00         Departure for Monteluco
12.00       Arrival in Monteluco
Medieval music with the Aegletes

13.00       Snack* or Lunch**
Possibility of guided tours of the Convent of St Francis accompanied by the friars
16.00       Departure for Spoleto

Snack: cured meat and cheese or sandwiches by Piero Quaglietti ‘s Chioschetto (variable price)
Lunch: full meal by Ferretti and Paradiso restaurants (€ 15, limited places, upon reservation).

Booking required before 18.00 on Saturday 26 May

We recommend technical clothing and a minimum of athletic preparation.

For info and reservations:

Itineraries on foot and in mtb
Tel 0743 218620

Itinerary on horseback
Sergio Parmegiani Palmieri
Tel 335 6041439

CAPAREZZA – Prisoner 709 Tour @ Stadio Comunale
Aug 31 @ 21:30
<!--:it-->CAPAREZZA - Prisoner 709 Tour<!--:--><!--:en-->CAPAREZZA - Prisoner 709 Tour<!--:--> @ Stadio Comunale | Spoleto | Umbria | Italia

On Friday, August 31st at 21.30, Italian singer Caparezza will perform at the Municipal Stadium (viale Martiri della Resistenza), with its Prisoner 709 Tour. The Tour promotes the homonymous seventh studio album by the brilliant artist, songwriter and rapper whose most peculiar expressive feature is stylistic contamination and sound eclecticism. An event by I Love Spoleto.


Bisse Social Live Show @ Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti
Feb 17 @ 17:00
<!--:it-->Bisse Social Live Show<!--:--><!--:en-->Bisse Social Live Show<!--:--> @ Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti

Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti | Sunday 17 February – h 17.00

Thanks to the Internet, artists from all over the world will be able to jump on stage at the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti in Spoleto and join the 80 members of the Associazione Bisse choir and orchestra.

A “jam” that will be joined by musicians based thousands of miles away, from New York to Seoul!

Monday through Friday from 17:30 to 19:30 by the Atelier alla Sala Pegasus, Via delle Terme n.1, Spoleto;
Saturday 16 February and Sunday 17 February from 10:00 at the Teatro Nuovo G. Menotti in Spoleto.

Prices: 20,00€ – 15,00 € – 10,00€ (plus 2,00€ pre-sale rights)

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