PHOTO EXHIBITION | The Hidden Theatre. A story in images @ Museo Archeologico e Teatro Romano di Spoleto
Jul 21 2018 – Dec 31 2019 all-day
<!--:it-->MOSTRA FOTOGRAFICA | Il teatro nascosto. Una storia per immagini<!--:--><!--:en-->PHOTO EXHIBITION | The Hidden Theatre. A story in images<!--:--> @ Museo Archeologico e Teatro Romano di Spoleto | Spoleto | Umbria | Italia

The exhibition The Hidden Theatre. A story in images is a collection of unpublished photographs dating back to the years of the discovery of the Roman Theatre of Spoleto and its unearthing, from 1938 to 1960.

The exhibition, promoted by the Polo Museale dell’Umbria – Museo Archeologico e Teatro Romano di Spoleto, in collaboration with Astra onlus and the Archivio di Stato di Perugia, section of Spoleto, shows photographs coming from the Accademia Etrusca di Cortona and from the archive of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria. The exhibition reveals unpublished aspects of the discovery of the Roman theatre and the transformation of the complex of S.Agata from a judicial prison (1867-1957) to a museum.

The history of the monastery of S. Agata – already known thanks to the research of G. Curti, S. Di Sante Coaccioli, S. Gubbiotti, resulting in the 2011 documented book “The Roman Theatre and the former monastery of S.Agata. Chronicle of its transformations” – is now enriched by photographs taken by the then inspector archaeologist Umberto Ciotti, who documented every step of the demolition and excavation work.

Polo Museale dell’Umbria
Piazza Giordano Bruno 10 – Perugia – tel. 075 5759612
National Archaeological Museum and Roman Theatre of Spoleto
Via Sant’Agata 18A – tel. 0743 223277

Exhibition – Gianni Asdrubali: Surfing With The Alien @ Palazzo Collicola
Jun 27 – Sep 13 all-day
<!--:it-->MOSTRA | Surfing with the Alien di Gianni Asdrubali<!--:--><!--:en-->Exhibition - Gianni Asdrubali: Surfing With The Alien<!--:--> @ Palazzo Collicola

Gianni Asdrubali: Surfing with the Alien
curated by Marco Tonelli and Bruno Corà
Palazzo Collicola
Inauguration: Saturday 27 June 2020 – h 11.00

Almost twenty-five years later, Gianni Asdrubali (Tuscania, 1955) is again a protagonist in Spoleto, with a solo exhibition that takes stock of the work of one of the most interesting contemporary Italian painters, who established himself on the national and international scene as an innovator of abstract, aniconic and gestural research since the 1980s.

The exhibition, curated by Marco Tonelli (Director of Palazzo Collicola) and Bruno Corà (President of the Foundation Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri and member of Palazzo Collicola’s Scientific Committee), is a retrospective of his work through the most representative and enigmatic as well as evocative cycles of paintings such as Aggroblanda, Trigombo, Malumazac, Zeimekke, Azota, Stoide, Azotrumbo, Tromboloide.

Scheduled for 21 March, suspended due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the exhibition vibrantly announces the reopening of Palazzo Collicola and its activities, albeit with many changes in programming due to the pandemic.

The exhibition’s title Surfing with the Alien (one of the most famous tracks by American virtuoso and brilliant guitarist Joe Satriani), means to communicate the unstable balance, dizzy leaps and acrobatics in the void of a dynamic painting that looks like fluctuating in the dimensions of space, each time generating new plots and surprising trajectories.

As Asdrubali himself once wrote: “Surfing is an action generated by absence. But this surfing is not smooth, it is contrastingly bumping, it is running away, going away, to then return and bang into its own beginning, but every time it returns and bumps into itself it deforms and opens the structure, transforming the ‘figure’ of the image, which is never the same. The interaction is the figure of this struggle, of this contrast between surfing and the alien”.

Asdrubali’s figure is an extreme one, an artist whom critic Filiberto Menna listed in the Astrazione povera group, Flavio Caroli in that of Magico primario, and that Giovanni Carandente invited at the Venice Biennale in 1988.

At Palazzo Collicola, the exhibition unfolds through the rooms at the ground floor, which once housed the permanent collection of the Modern Art Gallery (since 2019 rearranged at the museum’s second floor), where two other works by Asdrubali are kept, including a spectacular Tromboloide from 1992. An interactive project, ZUMBER, by the ORAMIDE research group, has been realized on this work and will soon be available on the museum’s website

The exhibition will be open to the public from 27 June to 13 September 2020, it has been realized with the collaboration of Galleria Giraldi, Galleria A Arte Invernizzi, Galleria Matteo Lampertico, Galleria Consorti. During the exhibition, a catalogue with texts by Marco Tonelli, Bruno Corà and an interview with the artist Davide Silvioli will be published. 

Opening times:
June-July: Fri-Sun 10.30-13.00 / 15.30-19,00
August-September: Thur 15.30-18.30 | Fri-Sun 10.30-13.00 / 15.30-19,00

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