Local dishes

“Stringozzi” or “strengozze” strengozzi
It’s a Kind of home-made pasta, typical of Spoleto, made with flour
and water. The pasta is cut up in long strips, then it is immersed in
boiling water for a few moments, until it’s cooked “al dente”.
It is served with a sauce made with asparagus (in the spring) or
with peas, mushrooms or “lupari”.

Lamb coratella
In a frying pan where finely minced onion has been browned coratellafor a while, you add the previously cleaned, diced coratella, flavoured with salt, pepper and rosemary; you add white wine that evaporates before you add diced peeled tomatoes. You cook on a low flame for 20-30 minutes.

Finger-burning mutton chops
They are spread with a coating of braciole-di-castrato aromatic sauce (lard, ham fat,
rosemary, garlic, sage, celery, onion and marjoram). They are then placed to cook on a grill with hot embers underneath. They are served very hot “scottadito”, to avoid the melted fats coagulating.

Il “pilotto”
Kid, lamb, chicken, pigeons, quails and thrush, have a special way of being cooked in Spoleto. It is a very accurate technique that makes their flesh very appetizing. This method is called “pilotto”. A piece of lard is rolled into a funnel shape, inside a thick sheet of paper. When the meat is halfcooked, the paper is lit, it is then held just above the spit, and drops of boiling hot melted lard fall onto the meat. Cooking in this way gives you excellent results and the meat has an exquisite flavour.

Truffle omelette
Hot, soft omelette, dark in tartufo-1colour from the truffles, and sprinkled with lemon juice. There is only one difficulty: to be able to cook the eggs without overcooking the truffles which are grated and beaten with the eggs.

Beat the eggs with the sugar until they are creamy; add milk, flour, macaroons, grated dark chocolate, cinnamon, crescionda-spoletoanisette, and grated lemon rind. Then you add the whipped albumen, you pour the whole in a non-stick baking-pan and bake. It is ready when the liquid becomes thick, maintaining a certain softness.

On a wooden board, mix the flour with eggs, sugar, water and liqueur, that can be either rum or alkermes. You’ll obtain a homogeneous, attortasoft dough that will be covered and will rest for one hour. In the meantime, on a low flame, cook the apples, cut in thin slices, along with the grated dark chocolate, lemon rind, rum or alkermes. Take away from the flame and let it cool down. Add raisins and walnuts. With a rolling pin, roll out the dough until it gets quite thin. Put all of the dressing above, roll the puff and oil its surface. Put the rolled cake on a pie-dish and bake it at a temperature of 180° for 40 minutes about. Take out of the oven, wet with alkermes and garnish with sugar.

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