“Giosuè Carducci” City Library

Address: Via Filippo Brignone 14 – 06049 Spoleto (PG)
Ph. +39 0743 218801 Fax: 0+39 743 218811
E-mail: biblioteca.comunale@comune.spoleto.pg.it

Opening hours from September 16, 2019:
Monday from 15.00 to 18.45
Tuesday from 9.00 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18.45
Wednesday from 9.00 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18.45
Thursday from 9.00 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18.45
Friday from 9.00 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18.45
Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00


The Library “G. Carducci”, founded in 1861, was brought back to its historical location of Palazzo Mauri in April, 2009. The spaces open to the public in the renewed location on three levels, for a total of 2,200 sq. meters, are:

  • 13 reading halls,
  • 2 reference and loan offices,
  • 1 entertainment hall,
  • 1 game room,
  • 1 Youth Infocentre,
  • 2 lecture hall
  • 1 exhibition hall.

There are, overall

  • 209 reading seats,
  • 90 seats in the lecture halls,
  • 30 PCs (two of which for visually impaired people or with motor disabilities),
  • 2 game stations (play station and Wii).

The library makes extensive use of RFID technology, i.e. to tackle pilferage and for the library registration badges: a single smart card allows for identifying the user, paying prints and copies, and partially automating the loan operations.

The covered courtyard is the most charming feature of Palazzo Mauri and has a great impact on the visitor. Making it Spoleto’s “covered square” and using it for the periodicals’ section – i.e “information square” – emblematically synthesizes the cultural policy to turn the old library into a modern, III-millennium library that, strong and aware of its traditions, opens itself to new languages, welcomes the citizens and offers them tools, spaces and opportunities to meet, express themselves and grow.

There you can find the Caffè Letterario (Literary Cafe) and the Emeroteca, the library’s Periodical Section, where you can choose among 10 newspapers and 100 magazines, also when the library is closed.

The remainder of the ground floor is occupied by the Kids’ Section and by the Game Room that offer the young a series of diversified stimuli: talking books, comics, games, encyclopediae and novels, both in paper and multimedia, spaces for lab, theatre and game activities. A room is destined for the youngest (aged 0 – 5): it is a soft corner with carpets and pillars that welcomes them to play with nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories from tactile, talking and paper books.

At the upper floor there are the loan offices and the reading/study halls, provided with Internet PCs, where part of the actual, modern book patrimony is placed in open shelves, divided by thematic/disciplinary area, as well as rooms for young adults where kids can play music with keyboard and guitar, and go into detail into themes related to their hobbies and the use of spare time. Besides, the following services have been activated:

– City of Spoleto multimedia documentation centre, that aims at displaying the artistic, cultural, economic and social fortunes of Spoleto’s recent history: around the central core of the City’s Picture Library, audio, video and photographic documents are being added, selected among various sources, including those ones that have been acquired through the agreement with Rai-Teche;

– Extreme events and disasters: Euro-Mediterranean Documentation Centre, the result of a collaboration between the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia and the Comune di Spoleto;

Patrimony: The documental patrimony consists of 110,000 items about, divided into books, booklets, magazines, manuscripts and prints; 19,000 items are included in the Fondo Antico. Further 50,000 pieces are to be added, that are the documental patrimony of the City of Spoleto Multimedial Documentation Centre, divided into photographic prints, slides, negatives, plates, postcards, films;

Characteristics of the material: Literary essays, encyclopediae, dictionaries, catalogues, fiction; ancient, rare and valuable material: manuscripts, parchments, incunabula, XVI-, XVII-, XVIII- and XIX-century prints, maps, drawings, architectural sketches, correspondence, posters, publications of local interest, theses, periodicals, kids’ books and games, CDs, DVDs, pictures;

Special funds:
Ferretti (judicial): XVI- to XX-century prints. The fund belongs to Regione Umbria;
Francolini (food farming): manuscripts, periodicals and prints (XIX/XX cen);
Micheli (medical): periodicals and prints (XVII/XX cen);
Panetti (historical-artistic): prints;
Lucarini(photographic): photographic prints, negatives and slides.

All items are catalogued and are therefore available, partly through paper catalogues, partly through digitized ones: Opac regionale / Opac ragazzi

Services: Access to the catalogues, consultation, loan, interlibrary loan (with fee), loan reservation, reproductions, photocopies, scans, digital photographs, file burning (with fee), PC use; Internet access, print from PCs (with fee), use of music instruments (keyboard and guitar), use of PS3, Wii, board games, bibliographic information: on the spot, on the phone and via e-mail, guided tours, congress and exhibition halls rental.

Informagiovani (at the ground floor of Palazzo Mauri)
Opening times: Tuesday 15,30-18,30

Game room TANA DEL LUDO (at the ground floor of Palazzo Mauri)
Opening times: Wednesday 16,30 – 18,30

The service is available upon registration. Up to three volumes at a time can be obtained. The loan lasts 15 days and can be renewed before it expires, also on the phone. Renewal can only be bestowed if the object of the loan has not been reserved bu other users during the loan. Loan does not apply to: encyclopediae, dictionaries, vocabularies, publications of local interest in single copy, pre-1901 editions, theses, photographs and all rare, ancient and valuable materials.

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