The Olive Groves’ Path from Spoleto to Assisi

The path was conceived by members of the Alpine Club Spoleto Section, to highlight the hill- and piedmont belt dominated by olive groves.

The itinerary passes through a series of small settlements established in the Roman period, when the plain below was progressively turning into marshland; they are known as “castles”. The term, in the culture of Central Italy and of Umbria in particular, signifies not only the lord’s manor, but an actual urban settlement, usually counting a few tenths of houses, tightly leaning one against the other, surrounded by high boundary walls.

The 75-km itinerary lies mostly between the height of 350 and 700 m and is split into 5 legs:

1)      Spoleto – Poreta             km 14,500
2)      Poreta – Trevi                 km 13,500
3)      Trevi – Sassovivo            km 16,500
4)      Sassovivo – Spello          km 16,500
5)      Spello – Assisi                 km 13,000

The route is mostly unsurfaced roads and the elevation gain never exceeds 1000 m. The only difficult stretch (slippery when wet) is close to Eggi, yet it has been provided for with ropes, to ensure smooth crossing in full safety.

It is easy to find water along the way, yet it is advisable to start with a good supply.

The Spoleto and Foligno sections of CAI have marked the itinerary with the classic red-and-white flags, or with red marks. It is advisable, by the way, to study the map and the indications contained in The Olive Groves Path – A Franciscan Itinerary At The Discovery Of Splendid Middle Ages by E. Cori and F. Cicio – Club Alpino Italiano Sezioni Spoleto e Foligno, Nuova Eliografica Editrice.

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