Spoletosphere – R. B. Fuller

The Spoletosphere stands in a green area at the crossing between Viale Matteotti and Viale Martiri della Resistenza; it was realized by architect Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) on the occasion of the 10th Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds. In parallel, Giovanni Carandente was organizing the exhibition “Fuller’s Structures: 40 Years of Architectural Research, 1927-1967″.

The work, given by the artist to the City of Spoleto, has nowadays become an integral part of the urban lanscape: once again, Ancient and Modern brilliantly coexist, after the adventure of Sculptures in the City, nel 1962. In 1954 Fuller had already registered his geodesic dome at the Patent Office. Such expression defines a structure based on the extension of some basic principles of simple solids (tetrahedron, octahedron and other with more sides, that may be considered approximations of spheres). The result was a very light yet stable work. Domes gave Fuller the fame he has and there are still specimen in Japan and in the USA, hosting radar stations, housing buildings and tensile structures.

The Spoletosphere has been hosting a number of artistic events: installations (“Io” by Mario Ceroli, 1969), performances (see the 1980 events organized by Laboratori di Nuova Creatività) and concerts. Later, the structure remained unused until 2008, when the new Spoletosfera underground parking lot was opened, just underneath the work; on that occasion, a non-invasive lighting system was installed, featuring 105.000 white led lights that enliven it at night.

Address: Viale G. Matteotti/Viale Martiri della Resistenza

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