The Church of Santa Maria della Manna d’Oro

This church was built at the behest of the City of Spoleto in 1527 to thank the Virgin Mary after the city had skirted the violence that eventually led to the Sack of Rome by the mutinous Lansquenets.

Thanks to the protection of the Virgin, the city not only avoided the peril of being sacked, but was enriched thanks to the flourishing trade it had with the invading soldiers: the ‘golden manna’ represents the profits the people reaped over the course of this historical period.

On the outside, the church has a rectangular design of simple architecture, while the upper part is an octagonal drum that probably dates to a later time. The interior has an octagonal layout with an apsed presbytery, the result of a late XVII century renovation effort.

The Baptismal Font, which came from the Duomo and dates to the early 1500s, is worthy of note, as are the paintings done by the XVIII century artist Sebastiano Conca.

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