QR Code Project

The project, conceived and created by Comune di Spoleto, has allowed to set up a full web-responsive portal, integrated with the City of Spoleto’s official website (www.comune.spoleto.pg.it), to introduce and promote contents related to the city of Spoleto, through the lens of culture and tourism. The “Spoleto APP” is linked to this portal (presently Android and iOS only), and it can also be used through QR Code images which are present on the new tourist signs in the old town, to make it easily accessible through mobile devices.

What is a QR-Code ?
It is an actual bidirectional communication tool, that allows for reaching the information and functionalities in a quick, cheap, efficient and gratifying way. It becomes often a tool to be active subjects to control and qualify the information itself, i.e. when you have the chance to interact through comments, evaluations and posts.

Spoleto APP

Available information

The portal and the app give a series on contents and information

  • general info and services on the city
  • interactive map
  • shops
  • hotels
  • advised routes
  • restaurants
  • events
  • museums and libraries
  • parking lots and mechanized transport
  • cycle routes
  • multimedia contents

pianta GENERALE def

Dynamic sections
The contents available in the app are updated on a three-month basis. “Events” and “Agenda” are updated daily, on the basis of the information posted on the portal: they are dynamic sections in fact, linked to the news and to the calendar that are already present on the portal’s homepage, allowing for a real-time app update.

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