The Church of Saints Giovanni and Paolo

This little church is located in the area of the ancient Vaita Filittèria, the byzantine section of medieval Spoleto. It was consecrated in 1174 and became the city’s parish church. It was built with blocks of stone and material recovered from old Roman ruins.

The building is a simple one and the left wall is decorated with a great but rather ruined fresco from the XIII-XIV centuries depicting the Madonna and four saints. The inside is a single space with a raised presbytery and a crypt, which can no longer be accessed.

The paintings that decorate it range from the XII and XVI centuries. Especially worthy of note is a fresco located on the left wall. It represents the martyrdom of Thomas Becket of Canterbury and dates to the early XIII century. It is one of the oldest portrayals of the assassination of the English bishop and refers to the controversy between him and the Chancellor of King Henry II. The event can, however, also be linked to a local historical event: the battle between the Papal state and the Empire for dominion over the Duchy of Spoleto. On the right wall is a portrayal of the Banquet of Herod with Salome’s dance.

The presbytery was added in the 1500s and still bears the frescoes made by Pier Matteo Piergili, a prelate and local artist.

Address: Via Filitteria / Piazzetta Santi Giovanni e Paolo

For opening times and fees, please visit Spoleto Card

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