Dolphins’ Fountain

Placed right at the centre of Piazza della Vittoria, it was realized in the first half of the XIX century. The oldest existing project (1851) featured two symmetric fountains, at the same distance from the postal street and placed in the direction of the Ponte Sanguinario. This project would soon be dropped because of troubles in the water supply from the originally conceived source, the Mascherone Fountain in piazza Campello.

In 1856 only it was decided to connect the fountain to the nearby water mains in via delle Murelle. Two stonemasons from Assisi, father and son, were entrusted with the realization of the fountain, who finished their work in 1858. The fountain’s present layout was realized in 1932 and was conceived along with the surrounding garden. It is formed by a big, octagonal basin, with a cup at the centre standing on a triangular base adorned by three dolphins and Spoleto’s coat-of-arms; at the base of the cup there is the usual decoration of acanthus’ leaves, in classical style, an element that can also be found in the XVI-century fountain of “porta S. Pietro” a.k.a. “Monterone” and in the small cast iron fountain in via Monterone, dating to 1901.

Address: Piazza della Vittoria

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