Fountain of Piazza Duomo

On the southeastern side of Piazza Duomo, the overhanging ground’s retaining wall is adorned by a fountain whose basin used to be a late-Roman sarcophagus , previously located in palazzo Campello, carved on the front with a lion hunt scene. Water came out from a lion’s protome with spout.

A commemorative stone placed above the fountain reminds of the 1954 square’s restoration by architect Nicolosi: it was on that occasion that the sarcophagus was donated by countess Guglielmina Campello to the Duomo’s chapter; before the donation, the sarcophagus used to show beautifully in the countess’ palace, along with another one adorned by tritons and nymphs, also remarked upon by Carducci during his 1876 visit to Spoleto.

Other smaller plates aside the sarcophagus remind of later cleaning and restoration interventions. In the previous centuries, there was already another drinking water public fount in piazza del Duomo, called “St. Mary’s fountain”.

Address: Piazza Duomo

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