Earthly Sciences Lab

The Earthly Sciences Lab (Laboratorio di Scienze della Terra) is a didactic/scientific museum of the City of Spoleto, whose core is the historical Collezione Toni, a XIXth-century collection of more than 5000 finds: stones, fossils, minerals.

It is accredited by Regione Umbria as Ecolab and Environmental Education Centre.

Its activity is for both the young and the grown up, school groups and tourists alike, spreading the knowledge of mountains, rivers, springs, caves, landscapes, volcanoes, rocks, fossils and minerals, and whatever charming on our planet.

Address: Largo Ermini – Complesso S. Matteo
Ph: Fausto Pazzaglia 3280726567 / Emi Petruzzi 3492254072 (Hyla)

Currently the premises of the Laboratory of Earth Sciences are being rearranged. However, it is possible to admire the geo-paleontological collection of Count Toni and the zoological collection of the naturalist Bernardino Ragni at Palazzo Collicola (side entrance of Via Loreto Vittori). The exhibition is a preview of the new Museum of Science and Territory (MuST), which will be set up in the premises of the Laboratory of Earth Sciences.

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