Sculptures In The City – Spoleto 1962

The exhibition Spoleto 1962. Sculture nella città is considered a milestone in the history of XXth-century art. Conceived and curated by Giovanni Carandente for the Festival Of Two Worlds, it prominently echoed across the world press, and was participated by 53 among the most illustrious contemporary sculptors, who gave a total of 104 works, that were placed all over the city.

It was, according to its curator, more than just an exhibition: “the very fact that modern sculptures were placed on the streets and piazzas of an ancient city, and that some of them were commissioned on purpose, implied the patronage system, like in the Renaissance…”

For the first time, ancient architecture and modern sculpture were led to face each other, among the spaces of everyday living.

Among the many artists who exhibited their works in the open air, there were Arp, Colla, Fontana, Lorenzetti, Manzù, Marini, Moore and David Smith, 20 works by which were on display at the Roman Theatre. Most of them are still to be seen in a wing of the National Gallery in Washington, in a hall dedicated to the artist, whose structure follows the Spoletan arena and on whose walls hangs the documentation of the 1962 exhibition.

Six of those sculptures are still here today, everlasting memory of the event:

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