Palazzo Collicola: 4 exhibitions for the 64th Festival Of 2 Worlds

Artistic director Marco Tonelli proposes a journey through experimentation, writing, drawing and painting

Opening to the public on 26 June. Exhibitions will be open until 26 September

There will be four exhibitions organised by the City of Spoleto at Palazzo Collicola on the occasion of the 64th Festival Of 2 Worlds. Under the direction of Marco Tonelli, the artistic proposals of this summer 2021 (the opening is scheduled for 26 June and will be open until 26 September) will be a journey between experimentation, writing, drawings and painting, within different conceptual paths developed, in some cases, in periods apparently distant and ideally distant.

Giuseppe Penone: Disegni
Curated by Marco Tonelli, the exhibition, conceived together with the artist, will be set up in the inner rooms of the Modern Art Gallery. Promoted by the Festival Of Two Worlds, it is ideally inserted in the tradition of exhibitions of drawings by great modern and contemporary artists, such as MoMA’s American Drawings (1961), Modern Italian Drawings (1962), Willem de Kooning: drawings (1969), James Ensor. Drawings and etchings (1981), Balthus: drawings and watercolours (1982), which were held in Spoleto as part of the Festival. An exhibition of this kind, devoted exclusively to drawings, is the first to be held by Penone in Italy, following the one held at the Drawing Center in New York in 2007.

Work in Progress.
Works from the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Collicola and the Marignoli Foundation of Montecorona.
Curated by Michele Drascek, Duccio K. Marignoli, Marco Tonelli, two art collections in Spoleto, that of the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Collicola and that of the Marignoli Foundation of Montecorona, have sought to compare, creating a seamless historical line, from the 16th century to contemporary times, a particular series of works: sketches, models, preparatory sketches, studies. A total of 70 works will be exhibited, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, wooden maquettes and small models, some of which have been exceptionally recovered from the deposits of Palazzo Collicola or are being shown to the public for the first time from the collection preserved at Palazzo Marignoli.

Stefano Di Stasio: Astanze
Curated by Fabio Sargentini and Marco Tonelli, nine large paintings will be presented in as many rooms on the museum’s exhibition floor, creating a series of rooms, or stations, immersed in darkness and cut out of the dark by a single point of light, which reveals monumental figures of mysterious solitary men charged with symbolic connotations, painted between 1994 and 2011 and coming from a single thematic nucleus: that of the Galleria dell’Attico in Rome, where the artist has held solo and group exhibitions since 1994.

Josè Angelino: Resistenze
Curated by Davide Silvioli, this is a site-specific project by Josè Angelino in collaboration with the Fondazione Carla Fendi and Mahler & LeWitt Studios. All the works on show, which will be located in different areas of Palazzo Collicola, are courtesy of Galleria Alessandra Bonomo. The event is the first appointment of a cycle of exhibitions entitled Collicola Project Room(s), curated by Davide Silvioli and dedicated to emerging artists.

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