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1000 athletes for a great sport event

From 30 August to 2 September 2018, the project “SPORTGIVESCHANCE – Diabetics runners and cyclists for more sport for all in Europe” included in the ERASMUS + programme will involve more than 1000 athletes, 10 cities, a national network of sport and cultural associations, besides diabetics associations, 31 foreign bodies from 16 European countries, which will converge to downtown Spoleto and stroll through one of the most beautiful cycle ways of Italy, the Spoleto – Norcia former railway.




It is a sport event by the European scope, dedicated to the bicycle enthusiasts, open to diabetic and disabled participants, to sensitize the public opinion on sport and physical activity and promote health, well-being and social inclusion; it will take place in conjunction with two other big sport events open to amateurs and professionals, such as the SpoletoNorcia in MTB and the Spoleto Urban Crossing.


Admitted participants will be diabetics who are members of sport associations (amateurs or professionals alike) and handbikers. Various routes will be included, on the flat or uphill, with various difficulty grades (e-bikes admitted). All info will be uploaded on the websites of the two events.



As for the costs, the City of Spoleto guarantees:

  • for the 400 athletes + 20 experts from Umbria, board for 4 days – Thu 30 August through Sun 2 September, 2018);
  • for the 200 athletes + 10 experts from Emilia Romagna, Liguria,Toscana, Marche, Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, board and lodging for 4 days – Thu 30 August through Sun 2 September, 2018);
  • for the 100 athletes + 4 experts from the rest of Italy, besides board and lodging for the four days, travel expenses will also be reimbursed (180,00€ per pax).

The above mentioned financing will be available as long as seats last. Reservation will have to be done on the events’ websites. Participation in the event requires the payment of the registration fee, which will ensure access to other services which are not provided for by the ERASMUS project, such as insurance, refreshments, a parcel with technical equipment for the races, and local products.



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