The Church and Monastery of San Ponziano

This monumental complex is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Spoleto and comprises the basilica and the Benedictine monastery, originally for monks but later also adapted to host nuns.

In 1788 work was begun on a project designed by the Roman architect Giuseppe Valadier, although there had been interventions at earlier times to adjust the edifice to Tridentine regulations. The façade retained its Romanesque aspect, with an entrance decorated with mosaic inserts and evangelist symbols around the rosette. The interior was done reflecting the new Neoclassical trends and its length was halved to make way for the choir.

The crypt is decorated with frescoes dating to the XIV and XV centuries and its original aspect has remained intact. The monastery houses the skull of St. Ponziano, which still today is carried in a yearly procession on January 14. The relic is displayed until the following Sunday to celebrate the feast day of the martyr patron saint. Numerous works of art and sacred objects belonging to the monastery were pillaged after the Napoleonic suppression of 1810 and the appropriations of 1860.

Address: via della Basilica di San Salvatore

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