Last appointments with “Maggio dei Libri”

Last appointments with “Maggio dei Libri”, the series of public meetings with important personalities such as Riccardo Di Segni, Rabbi of the Roman Jewish Community, Nicola Gardini, professor of Italian Literature at the Oxford University, writers Moria Egan and Damiano Abeni, journalists Paolo Aleotti and Maria Gianniti, Neurology Professor at the Trent University Gabriele Miceli and director of the Babylon Talmud Translation Project Clelia Piperno.

Main thread of the various initiatives is reading as cultural praxis for the understanding of the world around us, to be exercised on the pages of the books and employed in the actual living, with curiosity, lightness, awareness and critical sense.

One of the most awaited meetings is the non-stop 24 h reading at Palazzo Mauri, that will start Saturday 28 May at 9.30 and will finish at 9.30 the following day. Organized for the first time in 2015, the reading marathon was widely participated by citizens, volunteers and enthusiasts.

Sunday 29 May at the Studio ’87 Troiani by the Complex of San Carlo, there will be “Leggere l’infanzia, l’abbandono e la speranza” (Italian for “Reading childhood, neglect and hope“) with teachers Marina Malatino and Elisabetta Comastri, and artist Franco Troiani.

Tuesday 31 May, the last meeting will face the topics of health and sickness, starting from the interpretation of information, i.e. data that will serve to define effective research and health policies: the speakers are epidemiologist Damiano Abeni and scientist and director of Global Health Dept. Stefano Vella, author of important pages in the fight against HIV.

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