Greenway – Valle Spoletana


The location
The project is entitled “Greenway: promoting sustainable tourism in Umbria”. It is an extension of the previous Valle Spoletana Region of Umbria Ecological Network (RERU) project. It encompasses the valley where the Tessino and Marroggia rivers flow, taking in the Spoleto stretch of the Spoleto-Assisi cycle path, from San Nicolò to the bridge at Azzano. The cycle path is mostly level, and runs for 50 km along the banks of the Marroggia, Teverone, Timia and Topino rivers, through land in the municipalities of Spoleto, Campello sul Clitunno, Trevi, Montefalco, Foligno, Bevagna, Cannara and Assisi.

Project objectives
The primary aim of the project is to regenerate the waterways and the landscape and protect the area’s natural heritage through a range of environmental redevelopment programmes. The Ecological Network also provides a vital connection between the Spoleto mountain and forest eco-systems and the Valle Spoletana flood plains, the basin of the old Lacus Clitorius.

Tourism and local people
Another fundamental objective is, of course, promoting and encouraging the development of sustainable tourism. In addition, the project aims to restore abandoned and neglected areas for use by local people, the very people who live and breathe this landscape every day, with an emphasis on rediscovering and enhancing the two rivers, and appreciating their natural beauty and significance.

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Paesaggio e territori

  1. Greenway | From S. Nicolò to Pontebari
  2. Greenway | From Pontebari to San Giacomo
  3. Greenway | From S. Giacomo to Azzano


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