Parking Lots and Traffic Restrictions

Downtown Spoleto is generally CLOSED to traffic.

Click here to learn about Times and Regulations on the Traffic Restricted Areas

To visit downtown Spoleto, it is advisable to make use of the Alternative Mobility Parking System, connected to the city centre through elevators, escalators and travelators:

  • Parking lot 1: SPOLETOSFERA (cars only; there’s an outside area for campers with access in via dei Cappuccini)
  • Parking lot 2PONZIANINA (cars, campers and buses)
  • Parking lot 3: POSTERNA (cars only)

Parking fares and subscriptions 

Map of the parking lots including mechanized routes

Surface Parking Lots are generally closer to the city centre, yet they have higher fares, are remarkably time-limited and also need to be paid for in advance.

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